Black Poodles are a jet black color with a very nice
shiny black coat.  
Some black poodles can turn to a grey or silver color.
Sometimes this is similar to us when we turn grey.  Also
black poodles change color due to their ancestry.   
Black poodles will have black nails and pads.  
Black poodles usually have the black points.
Black  poodles have black colored points.
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Pictures of Black Poodles at their
new homes.  
They are so happy and
have wonderful loving homes.
Sassy black poodle toy poodle
lives with Sandra in Texas.
Black playful poodle
puppy in  her new
home in Mississippi.
Black poodle living with her pet bulldog
in Mississippi.
I wonder what I got for
Christmas in my new
Texas home?
If you live in one of these states you could adopt a poodle puppy from Krista.
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Good morning, Krista

Oz is doing beautifully...he's growing like a weed!  He went yesterday for his second round of puppy shots (poor
fellow).  The vet is impressed with his build, his thick shiny coat...and his amazingly fuzzy ear canals!   
He now weighs almost 4 pounds, and can zip up steps easily...though he's not even attempting going down yet.
We're finally settling into a bit of a routine which is allowing me to get some work done.  We walk the perimeter of
my property a few times a day, and he's becoming really good at "come", "potty", and "sit".  
Oz loves his crate, which he shares with a big, soft, floppy stuffed dog, and goes in there when he wants to nap...
That is, unless Winston(Cat) beats him to it.  My ASH male(cat) seems to love the puppy.  They play together, and
Winston shares his cat toys with the puppy.  This is the first dog I've ever had that doesn't destroy his toys trying
to remove the squeakers.  The cat toys are smaller and I was worried about Oz choking on them at first, but he
isn't bent on destruction so it's been fine.  Even so, I keep a close eye on him when he has one and as soon as
he's distracted, I put the cat toy away.
One of my dear friends here, Lucy, was never a fan of poodles...until now.  She's utterly flipped out over him.  I
explained to her that this is what a poodle should be -- not at all yappy or nervous, smart, and joyful.  Now she
understands why I went all the way to KS to get a well bred tyke.
So your lovely boy is doing wonderfully here in VA.  He is much loved.
Thanks again, Krista!
My son surprised us with a new puppy for Christmas.  He was getting worried, because our Mimi
is 17 years old.  We are enjoying the new baby.

Her name is Peogueot, we pronounce it Pechet(Nickname  Jet).  This was the name for our other
black poodle which passed away  when she was 17, so my son thought I needed another Jet.
She loves to do computer work.  LOL
Hi Krista,

This is Melinda in Meridian  Ms.  Just thought you would like to see Belle. She will be 6 months
old in a couple of weeks.  We enjoy her everyday, she is so loving and sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Our groomer loves her to death, she says that she has one of the best coats of hair that she has
ever groomed.  Hope you are doing fine.  Let me hear from you
Lots of love!
Mr. & Mrs Robinson in
Louisville, Ky.  love there new toy black
Hi Krista,
Harry is doing great, and is a bundle of
laughs. Just want to thank you again
for our great poodle. He is doing fine
and is a happy 6 1=2 LBS. He very
I will send poodle pictures later.  
Thanks again Trish in St Louis, Mo.